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Our Harley Dyna Wind Vest Photo Gallery

This is our latest Harley Dyna Wind Vest photos of WindVest windscreens install on a variety of motorcycles.

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FXDL Tbars Clear 14x14
FXD Tbars 10_1080 14x14 Clear
FXDL-Low Rider-Clear-14-Inch.jpg
FXDL Low Rider Clear 14 Inch
FXDL T Bars 14 Inch Wind Vest
FXDL Tbars 10_1080 14x14 Clear
FXDL Tbars 14 Inch Clear Wind Vest
FXDL Tbars 14x14 Clear
Street-Bob-Wind Vest-Clear-16x14.jpg
Street Bob Wind Vest Clear 16x14
FXDB Street Bob Clear 16 Inch
FXDF 10_1099 14x14 Clear
FXDF Fat Bob 14x14 Clear
FXDL 16x14 Clear Wind Vest
FXDL 16x14 Clear
FXDL Low Rider 14x14 Clear
FXDB 10 1299 Clear 16 Inch
FXDB 16x14 Street Bob Clear
FXDB Street Bob 14x14 Smoke
FXDB Street Bob 16x14 Clear
FXDB Street Bob 16x14 Inch Clear
FXDB Street Bob Clear 14 Inch
Dyna Low Rider FXDL 14x14 Clear
FXD-Tbars-14 Inch-Clear.jpg
FXD Tbars 14 Inch Clear
FXD Tbars 14x14 Clear
FXD Tbars Dyna 14x14 Clear
FXD Clear 14 Inch Tbars
FXD T Bars Clear 14x14
FXD Tbars 10_1080 14 Inch Clear
Dyna Glide T Bars 10_1080 14x14 Clea...Dyna-Glide-T-Bars-10_1080-14x14-Clear
Dyna TBars Wind Vest 14 Clear
FDXF Fat Bob 14x14 Clear
FXD 16X14 Smoke
Fat Bob FXDF 14x14 Clear
Dyna Clear 14x14 T Bars
Dyna Tbars 14 Inch Wind Vest

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Color windshields add style to your motorcycle!

Wind Vest windscreens are available in clear smoke gunsmoke and a few in black.

Color selection is a matter of personal taste. If you want the shield to practically disappear, go with clear. Many people like the way their WindVest looks so they choose Smoke or Gunsmoke to complement the color of their motorcycle.

Hardware Options available on many WindVest models Chrome or Satin Black.

All color options for your model motorcycle and size selected will be shown in "Select Options".

A WindVest windshield will provide the same protection as a "regular" motorcycle windshield that's several inches taller.

All Size Options for your make and model motorcycle will be shown in Select Options.

Our Wind Vest windshields for cruiser type motorcycles are available from 10" to 18" tall. Our most popular sizes are the 14"tall X 14"wide and the 16" tall X 14" wide. WindVest's revolutionary extra thick 5mm hand-molded acrylic windscreen design with flat front surface, 2" side contours and recurved top edge creates a low pressure zone diverting the wind away from the rider's chest and head. A WindVest windshield will provide the same protection as a "regular" motorcycle windshield that's several inches taller.

For cruiser style models (i.e. Dyna, Softail, Suzuki, Honda etc.)...if you are 6' tall or over you would probably want the 16" tall Wind Vest unless you sit extremely low in the saddle.

For all touring models (i.e. Bagger Electra Glide, Road Glide, Cross Country, Vaquero etc.) see our size recommendation charts as well as measuring instructions.

All Size Options for your make and model motorcycle will be shown in "Select Options".

Select Your Make and Model Motorcycle For Wind Vest Styles

WindVest windscreens for Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, Victory, Indian and more

Navigate to your make and model motorcycle. Be sure to look through all the options in your category as similar model motorcycles will use different Wind-Vest mounts. (i.e. Harley Davidson Softail Deuce uses a different windshield mount than the Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle Deuce, Honda Shadow Ace and Honda Shadow Spirit are different.)

All Wind Vests listed on this site for instant checkout are for stock motorcycles. If you have custom handlebars or risers have added accessories such as Tach speakers GPS or the like Please contact us and we will be happy to help you get the wind-vest that will work best for your motorcycle.

For custom or modified motorcycles use our Custom Bikes Page to tell us about your accessories and send us to photos of your motorcycle (front view and side view and be sure to tell us your handlebar thickness (1", 1 1/4" or 1 1/2") sorry we do not have 7/8" mounts but some rides have made shims to mount 1" clamps to 7/8" handlebars.